[erlang-questions] OT: Re: SIP server

Fredrik Thulin ft@REDACTED
Wed Mar 12 15:30:36 CET 2008

mog wrote:
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> Vlad Balin wrote:
>> CARP looks interesting. Is it supported on Windows? Can't find any
>> guides how to write CARP-enable applications.
> you don't really write carp enabled apps, it just clones the interface
> and watches for failure.  You also don't need this for sip as its udp
> based so you can have an interface fail and still recover,

This is off topic, but SIP is NOT UDP based (although UDP is one 
available transport for SIP - one that sucks by the way).

Also, to address the original question (how you could do away with 
relying on a single server) - SIP generally uses DNS (specifically NAPTR 
and SRV records) for this.


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