[erlang-questions] Mnesia log files - backup&restore and two schemas

Thu Mar 6 18:02:20 CET 2008



I have two disc_copy nodes in a Mnesia schema (two machines at dbA)  
and a schema in another network with two disc_copy nodes (two machines 
at dbB). 

dbA can receive transactions (active) and dbB not (idle). 

What I need to do is to replicate Mnesia data from dbA to dbB at T 
time intervals.


I have the following solutions in mind:

0)       Using mnesia:dump_to_textfile and mnesia:load_from_textfile, 
but sometimes the dumping takes a very long time.

1)       In an Incremental way using table events, but the 
subscription must be done in a disc_node needing a special work on a 
network failure. 

2)       Copying Mnesia log files, but I don’t clearly know if the .
dcd files are sufficient for this and the number of transactions lost.


Someone know about this or how to handle it the best way?



Thanks, Eduardo

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