[erlang-questions] Terminating supervisor gracefully

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I have several task that need to be called by crone.  One of them is
supervisor, which creates child process that perform the task.  Once the
child processes have completed their task, I would like to terminate
supervisor gracefully.

I looked at the supervisor.erl.  It has terminate/2.  I did some googling
and came to conclusion that only graceful way to stop supervisor and the
tree is via otp application.

That brings up another question: if crone starts an erlang otp application,
I need a way to know when to stop it.  Seems like, I have to spawn a process
to monitor otp_application and when supervisor's workers have finished the
task, send a signal to application_monitor process, indicating it's safe to
stop the otp_application.  Any other workaround?

q2) Would it be possible to have erlang_source viewable on the web?  Google
code displays outdated releases.

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