[erlang-questions] hipe binary matching problem with R12B-1?

Valentin Micic valentin@REDACTED
Sat Mar 1 16:35:54 CET 2008

Errr... I've made a mistake -- been using wrong e-mail to ask the question. 
There was a similar thread "Binary pattern matching inconsistencies with 
R12B", which described situations causing segmentation faults due to, as 
you've put it -- GC issues in BEAM. That particular correspondence makes a 
reference to Linux, and I've been trying to ask if anybody noticed similar 
problems (segmentation fault) on Solaris. By the same token, I've been 
asking if R11 is still safer (considering GC problems you've been 
mentioning) choice for Linux. Mind you, I think that compiler bugs are just 
a matter of inconvenience -- BEAM bugs, on the other hand, are matter of 
survival ;-).

Once again my apologies. Did not mean to criticize HiPE -- in fact, I've 
never used it, so how could I?
Hoping you'll find this a reasonable explanation: could you, or anyone from 
development team answer these two questions, now put in a proper context?


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> Valentin Micic wrote:
>> From: "Kostis Sagonas" <kostis@REDACTED>
>>> Yes, this is a bug.  We will fix it
>> May I ask if this bug is limited to Linux, or it is unversal to all 
>> supported platforms (e.g. Solaris).
> Yes. This is generic. It happens on all platforms I've tested.
>> Would it be safe to assume that R11 is still the safest bet for Linux?
> I've no idea what you have in mind.  As far as the HiPE compiler is 
> concerned, this is the first bug I recall in a long while. In fact, this 
> particular one aside, there are no outstanding bugs I know of -- which of 
> course does not preclude the existence of bugs I know nothing about.
> In any case, to answer your question, I am not aware of any good reasons 
> for somebody to prefer R11 over R12 as far as HiPE is concerned.
> I'm willing to bet the situation is similar for BEAM: most (if not all) 
> R11 compiler bugs have been fixed in R12 and the Erlang/OTP team has been 
> *very* responsive in correcting and publishing patches for all R12 
> compiler problems that have been reported in this list.
> Kostis 

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