[erlang-questions] what does the "B" in R12B means?

Matthias Lang matthias@REDACTED
Sun Mar 2 08:53:17 CET 2008

 > > > I had thought "B" in R12B was minor release number so I perfed
 > > > to use /usr/erlang/R12, but is there ever a R12A or R12 release?
 > > > I googled them but didn't find. 

 > But I am not sure what "B" means. Can I interpret "R11B" as
 > "Release 11 Revision B"? 

Yeah, pretty much.

R means release.
11 or 12 is the major release number
A B C is the minor 'number'

Sometimes the 'patchlevel' is added as a suffix, i.e. -0 then -1 then -2.

By tradition, the A release is so dangerous that only a select few
developers with full safety gear are allowed to test it in a special
closed facility south of Stockholm. The B release is the first one
everyone gets to see. Sometimes, the B release is followed by a C
release, for instance R9C was around for quite some time (you can
still find it on the downloads page).


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