[erlang-questions] Writing a Concurrent Binary Search Tree Data Structure in Erlang

Fuad Tabba fuad@REDACTED
Wed Jun 25 11:22:46 CEST 2008


I'm trying to write a concurrent Binary Search Tree (BST) in Erlang with the
operations insert/delete/contains. My goal is for multiple processes to be
able to concurrently modify this structure and query it correctly.

My problem is, I can't think of a way to take advantage of the inherent
parallelism in the BST structure. BSTs should be easy to parallelize, since
different inserts/deletes of nodes from the tree could be in completely
different branches. In C for example, it's not hard to write a nonblocking
implementation (lock-free) where adding nodes to the tree can happen
concurrently (unless there's a conflict) using Compare and Exchange (CAS).
Adding concurrency with deleting nodes is a bit more challenging but should
still be doable.

That said, I've only managed to think of an Erlang implementation that is
capable of running contains() in parallel with an insert or delete. However,
I cannot think of a way where I could have the server thread somehow
distribute its updates if they are to nonconflicting branches. I feel like
the solution should be a simple, recursive one, and that the answer is on
the tip of my brain so to speak :) But I'm still baffled.

My question is this; I can reason about shared memory objects and how
concurrent accesses should be, either using locks or for the simpler cases
using atomic instructions such as CAS. However, I'm finding it difficult to
do that with Erlang/functional languages in general. I did a google search,
couldn't really find any examples of what I'm looking for. Any tips or

Here's what my code looks like (the whole thing is attached to this email).
Apologies in advance for the quality of my code, still learning :)

The basic idea, to be able to have contains() run in parallel with
insertions and deletions, is that whenever the server gets a request to add
something or remove something from the tree, its continue applying
contains() to the old version until it receives the modifications back.

The code for the tree itself is pretty much the same as that in Concurrent
Programming in Erlang.

% No changes pending for the tree
parallelServer(Tree, stable, _) ->
        {Requester, insert, Key} ->
            Self = self(),
            spawn(fun() -> insertProcessor(Self, Key, Tree) end),
            parallelServer(Tree, changing, Requester);

        {Requester, delete, Key} ->
            Self = self(),
            spawn(fun() -> deleteProcessor(Self, Key, Tree) end),
            parallelServer(Tree, changing, Requester);

        {Requester, contains, Key} ->
            spawn(fun() -> containsProcessor(Requester, Key, Tree) end),
            parallelServer(Tree, stable, void);

        {Requester, dump} ->
            Requester ! Tree,
            parallelServer(Tree, stable, void)

% Tree is being modified
parallelServer(Tree, changing, Requester) ->
        {Requester, contains, Key} ->
            spawn(fun() -> containsProcessor(Requester, Key, Tree) end),
            parallelServer(Tree, changing, Requester);

        {Requester, dump} ->
            Requester ! Tree,
            parallelServer(Tree, changing, Requester);

        {update, NewTree} ->
            Requester ! done,
            parallelServer(NewTree, stable, void)

% insertProcessor and deleteProcessor cannot notify the requester directly
% ensure that parallelServer knows what the new tree is like first for
% consistency.

insertProcessor(Server, Key, Tree) ->
    Server ! {update, insert(Key, Tree)}.

deleteProcessor(Server, Key, Tree) ->
    Server ! {update, delete(Key, Tree)}.

containsProcessor(Requester, Key, Tree) ->
    Requester ! contains(Key, Tree). % Can report it directly

Thanks !

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