[erlang-questions] On selective receive (Re: eep: multiplepatterns)

Valentin Micic valentin@REDACTED
Sat Jun 7 16:03:21 CEST 2008

>From: Robert Virding 
> I have a serious question which I ask out of ignorance. 
> but do they occur in real applications? Or is this theoretical worry?

Well, in my experience these things do happen during load-stress testing usually identifying some bottleneck overlooked during the functional testing. In one such case, this bottleneck got exposed only when we attempted tests with rates that were higher than, say, 1000 things(*) per second. In fact, the long message queue and performance degradation thereof,  helped us optimise the system by pinpointing the bottleneck... with a relatively simple optimization we achieved 3000 things per second (target was 2000).

I'm not sure, but another time when message queu emight grow is during the network outages -- but I do not have recent experiences in this regard ;-).


(*) In this particular case TCAP transactions per second.
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