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Takeru INOUE takeru.inoue@REDACTED
Tue Jul 29 02:21:52 CEST 2008

>> Lastly, a memcached api seems like a natural fit for scalaris. It's
> I was also thinking about adding a memcached interface.
>> likely that I'll be working on one for my employer -- if they agree to
>> allow me to contribute it back (which they probably will) would you be
>> interested in including something like that in the main distribution
>> of scalaris?
> Of course. Kai already has a memcached implementation in Erlang.
> http://kai.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/kai/trunk/src/kai_memcache.erl?revision=55&view=markup
> It should be fairly easy to adapt this code.

Yes, Kai implemented memcache APIs, and you can adapt it for your code
since it's based on Apache Licnese 2.0.
If you have any trouble, please post it to our lists.



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