[erlang-questions] Scalaris Questions

jason pellerin jpellerin@REDACTED
Mon Jul 28 17:10:04 CEST 2008

First off, thank you, thank you, thank you for releasing scalaris.
It's such an interesting application.

>> 3. Would it be sufficient to abstract out cs_db_otp and replace it
>> with say cs_db_mnesia or cs_db_dets? Or would you suggest using a log-
>> based scheme?
>I was thinking of adding a "db" behaviour similar to the routingtable scheme.
>We currently have two routingtable implementations (rt_simple and rt_chord)
>and you can switch between them by changing ?RT in chordsharp.hrl. We can do
>something similar for the db.

I'm very interested in this, too. The ability to plug in an arbitrary
storage module would be very useful. For instance, I'd really like to
try out tcerl (tokyocabinet) as the storage backend, since it provides
ordered storage on disk, and is very fast and compact.

Another question I have about scalaris is how best to use it for
transient data, such as web application session state. Ideally, each
key would have a lifetime, and automatically expire. It looks like
that would require either a specialized storage backend and convention
for including the lifetime in the value, or fairly large changes to
the api. How would you suggest doing something like this?

Lastly, a memcached api seems like a natural fit for scalaris. It's
likely that I'll be working on one for my employer -- if they agree to
allow me to contribute it back (which they probably will) would you be
interested in including something like that in the main distribution
of scalaris?

Thank you,


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