[erlang-questions] Simple Erlang Recommendation (last returned value)

Berlin Brown berlin.brown@REDACTED
Fri Jul 25 21:36:24 CEST 2008

On Jul 25, 1:33 pm, "James Hague" <james.ha...@REDACTED> wrote:
> > And an equivalent to Perl's $_
> Or there could be a prefix, like an asterisk, that means "fresh
> symbol."  For example:
> *A = something()
> *A = something_else()
> Need to decide what this means:
> [A, *A | T] = something()
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"Or there could be a prefix, like an asterisk, that means "fresh
symbol."  For example:

*A = something()
*A = something_else()"

Yea, but that tends to work against the immutability feature of

I was merely suggesting just return or duplicate the last value
returned from the call stack.  You aren't changing any process/state
variables, but essentially getting whatever is returned from the last
operation which saves some keystrokes and might avoid some common
Erlang bugs.

I don't know Perl, but $_  sounds like the operation.
If you have worked with stack languages, I was considering a variation
of the 'dup' operation, duplicate the last value on the stack.

NewQ = queue:new(),
queue:add(joe, erlang:pop_call_stack),
Queue2 = queue:add(mike, erlang:pop_call_stack), ...

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