[erlang-questions] Reading, Learning, Confused

Sean Allen sean@REDACTED
Sat Jul 19 17:23:49 CEST 2008

On Jul 19, 2008, at 11:10 AM, Edwin Fine wrote:

> Sean,
> I think it's historical. "orelse" and "andalso" were added to the  
> language later. I would also be inclined to use the short-circuit  
> ones, but I don't find myself writing a lot of code that uses "and"  
> and "or" anyway. I might have written your example as
> f(X) when X == 0; 1/X < 2 ->
> which gets evaluated from left to right.

that makes sense thanks.

so, something got fubar in the version i had installed.... and  
suddenly things make much more sense.
i'll upgrade if i move past the learning point or hit something that  
doesnt work right again.

thanks for the help and info.
sorry that a large chunk of it was the result of a bad erlang shell.

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