[erlang-questions] [Kai-users] Kai - An Open Source Implementation of Amazon's Dynamo

Takeru INOUE takeru.inoue@REDACTED
Mon Jul 14 16:09:26 CEST 2008

>> What good news!
>> We were seeking vector clocks and Merkle tree.
> I'll certainly let you know as soon as I have prepared a release, which
> should not take much work.  The code already exists, it is just a matter of
> packaging and licensing.

Thanks a lot.
We're looking forward to hearing good news.

>> But I don't know whether it is better to merge two projects, because
>> current goals of the projects are a little bit different and systems
>> will be complicated if merging.
>> This is not as negative criticism, but I think that it is hard to
>> merge the projects until both projects are getting stable (at least
>> Kai is not stable :).
> Of course.  On that topic I was partially responding agreeably to Jan's idea
> and partially speculating about the future.
>> I'd like to discuss elemental technologies, such as
>> reliability and vector clocks
> I'm happy to discuss these any time.  I have now joined the kai mailing
> lists -- but only the English versions.  It looks like most of the
> conversation happens on the -jp lists, which I am sadly unable to read.

This is because all developers are Japanese.
I guess that most of discussions are in Japanese in the meantime, but
I'll translate and forward it to English lists when big news come.

> -Justin

  Takeru INOUE <takeru.inoue@REDACTED>

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