[erlang-questions] [PATCH] compiler 'log' option

Jachym Holecek jachym.holecek@REDACTED
Mon Jul 14 15:04:41 CEST 2008


the attached patch (against R12B3) adds compiler 'log' option
that causes compiler to dump detailed info about all compile
passes to ${source}.log. This is useful if you want to track
code transforms (which in turn is useful when one wants to
learn about compiler internals).

The output file is , of course, file:consult()able. I'm aware
the compiler already has options to dump some specific passes
(short-circuiting compilation as a side-effect), what I was
after was a complete log of all transformations during full
build cycle.

I guess this could be of use to some people out there...

	-- Jachym

PS: I wanted to patch the documentation as well, but I don't
     know what's the primary source thereof?
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