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Takeru INOUE takeru.inoue@REDACTED
Sun Jul 13 18:13:56 CEST 2008

>>> Is the interest in merging our systems mutual?
>> This is interesting suggestion.
>> We're now focusing on reliability and scalability, and keeping its
>> interface simple; get(key) and put(key, value).
>> But more complicated queries like CouchDB can be our future work, and
>> it seems exciting.
> I am also very interested in this suggestion, and can offer some help.
> When my team was beginning its current (not yet released) work, CouchDB was
> just seeing the light of day.  I was intrigued, and discussed it with Damien
> as he was the sole developer at the time.  I decided that while it was very
> interesting and I'd keep my eye on it, our operational needs for redundancy,
> scalability, and availability were not going to be high priorities in
> CouchDB anytime soon.  As a result, we rolled our own internal solution to
> our storage problems.
> We are prepared to contribute some of the core missing pieces of Kai, which
> might cause this merge to happen sooner.  For instance, we have working
> Erlang/OTP implementations of Lamport vector clocks, Merkle trees, and more.
> We are happy to provide these under the Apache License 2.0; it will just
> take a little bit of packaging as they have not been given away before.

What good news!
We were seeking vector clocks and Merkle tree.

> Over time, we would be happy to provide more contributions, as it would be
> very nice for a superset of our business needs to be supplied by an open
> source project we could use.
> We'll make some of the aforementioned code available soon in any case.  If
> there is a real desire by the two projects to discuss merging sometime soon,
> we could also help with some of the needs that I am certain such a merger
> will have.

Thank you for the suggestion.
But I don't know whether it is better to merge two projects, because
current goals of the projects are a little bit different and systems
will be complicated if merging.
This is not as negative criticism, but I think that it is hard to
merge the projects until both projects are getting stable (at least
Kai is not stable :).
Of course, I'd like to discuss elemental technologies, such as
reliability and vector clocks.

> -Justin
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