[erlang-questions] Kai - An Open Source Implementation of Amazon's Dynamo

Justin Sheehy justin@REDACTED
Sun Jul 13 13:07:44 CEST 2008

On Jul 12, 2008, at 10:50 PM, Takeru INOUE wrote:

> We're now focusing on reliability and scalability, and keeping its
> interface simple; get(key) and put(key, value).
> But more complicated queries like CouchDB can be our future work, and
> it seems exciting.

If you are to begin to have some of the same features as Dynamo such as
write-availability via object versioning, the interface will have to get a
little bit richer to indicate ancestor objects in put requests.

Also, to get real value out of your R and W parameters you will need to move
away from setting them globally for a whole cluster and instead make them
per-request parameters.

This is intended not as negative criticism of Kai but rather as pointers to
some future changes you are likely to need in any case which will force you
to think more about the client interface.



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