[erlang-questions] Noob gen_server questions

Ashok P. Nadkarni apnmbx-public@REDACTED
Sat Jul 12 13:09:12 CEST 2008

Just started learning Erlang and OTP and had a couple of questions about 
gen_server behaviours.

I want to have a gen_server process that is actually a dispatcher that 
passes on the call to another process that does the actual work and 
generates the result. So mymodule:handle_call will return {noreply, 
NewState} and the worker process will at some later point send the 
result back to the client. The question is - how can the latter be 
accomplished? I presume the gen_server:reply() cannot be used from a 
different process.

Is there a better way to accomplish my goal - not to block a gen_server 
from accepting new requests when a particular request can potentially 
take a long time.



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