[erlang-questions] erts inside a larger C program

jm jeffm@REDACTED
Sat Jul 12 07:07:57 CEST 2008

Is there any papers/article/web pages or other explainations floating 
around which explains the internals of the erlang virtual machine? 
Specifically the threading and anything about how it interacts with the 
OS and outside world. I'm interested in putting erlang inside a C++ 
based application. This appilcation will use a number of libraries and 
I'm trying to work out how these will interact with erlang's runtime 
system. I've managed to track down bits and pieces in the code, eg 
otp_src_R12B-3/erts/emulator/beam/, but haven't had a chance to work my 
way through it. As this is a daunting task to begin with any help on 
where/how to start is what I'm looking for.

And, I realise that this mean that the C code crashing will crash 
erlang, but as the application has crashed there is no further need for 
the erlang environment.


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