[erlang-questions] Kai - An Open Source Implementation of Amazon's Dynamo

Takeru INOUE takeru.inoue@REDACTED
Sat Jul 12 02:19:20 CEST 2008

> neat! looks like ever more folks are having making memcache compatible
> servers e.g. the experimental
> http://liftweb.net/index.php/High-performance_apps_in_Scala_(actord).

Thanks, I didn't know this interesting project.

This actord seems to focus on performance.
Its reliability depends on storage system like BDB, and data
partitioning is done by clients like memcache.

In our Kai, replication and partitioning are done by Kai nodes.
The number of replicas are automatically kept among Kai nodes, even if
some nodes are getting unavailable.
This mechanism leads to high scalability and reliability.

While targets are little bit different, it is very interesting for us.

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