[erlang-questions] Force HTTP to HTTPS in Yaws

Kimmo Gläborg kimmo@REDACTED
Tue Jul 8 09:46:41 CEST 2008

>> How can I configure Yaws to force https? Like I would like any user
>> that loads the
>> site in http, to be redirected to https.
> One way of doing it would be to change your yaws.conf file to have two
> docroot directories. One for http and the other one for https.
> https-docroot would be the one you are currently using. http-docroot
> would contain index.yaws file only which would always redirect to
> https. It could look like this (listing of index.yaws):
> <erl>
> out(A) ->
>    {redirect,"https://localhost/"}.
> </erl>
> Change the above with your domain. This will however break any
> functionality that was available through http.

Thanks Michal! I probably would like to keep the http environment  
working aswell.
Isn't there a way to configure this in the Yaws config environment? (I  
believe this is
just a setting, both in IIS and Apache for example..)

// kimmo

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