[erlang-questions] status of inets httpd and chunked support?

Paul Fisher pfisher@REDACTED
Mon Jul 7 13:35:51 CEST 2008

I'm working with inets httpd using a mod_esi module which calls
deliver/2 multiple times before returning from the callback/3 function
in order to send the response back to the client incrementally.  Reading
the code in mod_esi quickly hints that this calling pattern should
produced chunked response segments being sent to an http 1.1 client.  I
have not been able to get this working for FF3, with the browser
choosing to close the connection before the entire result set is

If i use wget (which connects as an http 1.0 client), or I supply the
disable chunked attribute to inets httpd, the transfer works correctly.

Are there known issues with inets httpd and chunked response transport?


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