[erlang-questions] Small Erlang VM [for Lego NXT]

john s wolter johnswolter@REDACTED
Sat Jul 5 18:43:49 CEST 2008

I dropped by the erlang-questions archive because I was wondering if I could
use Erlang for distributed embedded controllers and I found this thread.  I
am looking to simplify my multi-controller programming as I can not keep all
the distributed coordination factors in my mind, it is more than I can do.
Many critical real-time systems now have many controllers that communicate
and coordinate to accomplish a goal.  It is not unusual to see five to 10
micros in a critical real-time system.

I've looked a agent systems and swarms but those are really for much larger
applications then controlling machines.  My thought was to simplify the
underlying software core and concentrate on the application level.  Erlang
at first blush appears to have some built-in features that could simplify
machine control problems.   I've worked on these kind of systems for a long
time, the Erlang community may have an underlying concept that would be of
great help.

Is there a active group or organization working on embedded real-time Erlang

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