[erlang-questions] re moving nth element from a list

Anupam Kapoor anupam.kapoor@REDACTED
Tue Jul 1 19:54:06 CEST 2008

On Thu, Jun 26, 2008 at 9:36 AM, Richard A. O'Keefe <ok@REDACTED> wrote:
> On 25 Jun 2008, at 11:08 pm, Anupam Kapoor wrote:
>> ,----
>> | Eh?  The vector cross product is only defined for 3-dimensional space,
>> `----
>> it is defined for n-dimensional vectors too.
> WEDGE product is defined for n-dimensional vectors
> (basically the antisymmetric part of the tensor product),
> but CROSS product is not.
but does'nt grassmann algebra extend the canonical
cross-product to R^n ?

> Since this is the operation you wanted 'remove the kth element
> from a list' for, what exactly is it that you are calling a
> cross product?         ^^^^^^^
well, the way i have it implemented is to remove the i'th element
from the vector, take an appropriately formed product of the
remaining elements and repeat.

sorry for the late reply, i was kind of busy moving to a new place.

kind regards

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