[erlang-questions] what does when do here? fib(1200000) so slow, erlang cant handle big numbers?

Circular Function circularfunc@REDACTED
Tue Jul 1 14:31:22 CEST 2008

what does when N>0 do here? seems like no difference.

and would you consider this good idiomatic erlang(ofc there is an even faster one that i found, posted at the end)?

also, this is linear right? so why does fib(1200000) never finsih?
erlang cant handle such big numbers? because 12000 is pretty much
instant and 120000 takes a second or so.

fib_i(A, _B, 0) -> A;

fib_i(A, B, N) when N > 0 -> fib_i(B, A + B, N - 1).

fib(N) -> fib_i(0, 1, N).

fib_i(A, _B, 0) -> A;

fib_i(A, B, N)  -> fib_i(B, A + B, N - 1).

fib(N) -> fib_i(0, 1, N).

fibo3(0, _, Pair) -> Pair;

fibo3(N, {Fib1, Fib2}, Pair) when N rem 2 == 0 ->

    SquareFib1 = Fib1*Fib1,

    fibo3(N div 2, {2*Fib1*Fib2 - SquareFib1, SquareFib1 + Fib2*Fib2}, Pair);

fibo3(N, {FibA1, FibA2}=Pair, {FibB1, FibB2}) ->

    fibo3(N-1, Pair, {FibA1*FibB2 + FibB1*(FibA2 - FibA1), FibA1*FibB1 + FibA2*FibB2}).

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