[erlang-questions] Problem in file:rawopen/2

Bjorn Gustavsson bjorn@REDACTED
Mon Feb 25 12:15:26 CET 2008

Kostis Sagonas <kostis@REDACTED> writes:

> Matt is of course right in pointing out these, but this really begs the 
> questions:
>   - Since this function is obsolete, why does it survive across multiple
>     OTP releases?
>   - Assuming the previous question has a good answer, why aren't such
>     functions marked as obsolete so that at least the compiler warns
>     for its uses?

Oversight, I suppose. file:rawopen/2 was kept when the 'raw' flag for file:open/2
was introduced, because of some hairy start-up problem. I think that the need
for file:rawopen/2 disappeared when the prim_file module was introduced.

We will deprecate file:rawopen/2 in R12B-2.

Björn Gustavsson, Erlang/OTP, Ericsson AB

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