[erlang-questions] Distributed Erlang

Matthew Dempsky matthew@REDACTED
Mon Feb 25 12:23:58 CET 2008

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On 2/25/08, Ahmed Diaa <ahmed.diaa@REDACTED> wrote:
> Thanks mathew
>  i started erlang like this
>  On Machine 1 :
>  erl -name node1 -setcookie abc
>  On Machine 2 :
>  erl -name node2 -setcookie abc
>  so?

And what does node() return on each node?  Do the host name parts of
those resolve in DNS correctly?  Does IP allow traffic to pass between
them correctly?  E.g., if node() returns node1@REDACTED,
does "ping machine-1.ericsson.com" work on Machine 2?

Are there any firewalls between the machines that would block TCP
traffic to port 4369 or any higher ports?  E.g., does "telnet
machine-1.ericsson.com 4369" print "Connected to [something]." or does
it hang at "Trying [some IP]..."?

If TCP traffic to port 4369 is working, check the output of inet:i()
on machine 1, and look for a listening socket, something like:

    6    inet_tcp 0    0    <0.20.0> *:52549         *:*             ACCEPTING

In this case, what does "telnet machine-1.ericsson.com 52549"
(substituting 52549 as appropriate) do when run on Machine 2?

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