[erlang-questions] On books and French Erlang User Group (was Practical Erlang Programming)

Mickaël Rémond mickael.remond@REDACTED
Sun Feb 24 09:34:49 CET 2008


Le 23 févr. 08 à 13:54, Francesco Cesarini a écrit :

>> Posting hardcore stuff to the blog allows me much more freedom
>> and the revenue from consulting projects that come as a result
>> far outweighs any possible book revenues.
> I can second that. One does not write an Erlang book for the money,  
> but
> for the fun and experience of doing it while knowing it will help  
> spread
> Erlang to new users (When choosing a publisher, unrivaled  
> dissemination
> and distribution channels is the reason we decided to go for  
> O'Reilly).
> I hope Joel will some day collect all the articles from his blog  
> into a
> book.

I can confirm this regarding the motivation for writing a book.
You should not do that for money because, if you get back to a hourly  
earning, you often end up being paid much under the minimum salary.
Writing a book is however a good way to promote a language. The french  
Erlang community has been very active after my French book.
I should probably make it more lively again.

Please, ping me if you are interested in participating to an Erlang  
User Group in France. This group will be active very soon :)


Mickaël Rémond

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