[erlang-questions] failed to enable SMP support in otp_src_R12B-1

Raymond Xiong Raymond.Xiong@REDACTED
Fri Feb 22 10:34:26 CET 2008

On 02/21/08, Mikael Pettersson wrote:
>  > The only difference between scenario 3 and scenario 4 is 
>  > the call of "gmake clean" before re-configuration. I didn't
>  > realize it's necessary before(I had thought after
>  > re-configuration every thing will be rebuilt. But it seemed
>  > that's not the case. Is it correct?). 
> A minimum of make clean is definitely needed between config changes.
> The make system to build Erlang/OTP has always been iffy.
>  > I also have a question on scenario 1 and scenario 2. From
>  > my testing result, "--enable-smp-support" must be specified
>  > explicitly on my machine. But it was said in README that this
>  > feature is detected automaticaly, is it ture?
> It's autoenabled on supported machines, where supported does
> not mean "it may work" but means "the OTP team regularly tests
> on it and they believe it works".

Thanks for the explanation! 

If you don't mind, I have two more minor questions:

1) I am creating erlang package for opensolaris. Suppose
all erlang/otp files will be placed under /usr/erlang
when user installs that package, so I configure it with 

Then I use INSTALL_PREFIX variable to compile and install
a temporary copy of erlang while creating package:

# env INSTALL_PREFIX=/myroot gmake all install

Then I checked /myroot/usr/erlang/bin/erl, and found it
contained the following:

# cat /myroot/usr/erlang/bin/erl

Note the "/myroot" prefix in $ROOTDIR, that means I can't
just use the file to create package, instead I need to 
use some file utilities to remove the "/myroot" prefix in
it and other shell scripts.

Do you know if there is a better way to do this?

2) Because opensolaris doesn't have a odbc library yet, is
there a way(for example, something like "--disable-odbc") 
to explicitly disable odbc checking?


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