[erlang-questions] Practical Erlang Programming

Francesco Cesarini francesco@REDACTED
Thu Feb 21 22:50:31 CET 2008

Hi Vat,

There will be a chapter on behaviors, but unfortunately, not with the 
level of detail you are asking for. Our main goal is to cover Erlang in 
depth. Make sure that newbies struggling with recursion can easily 
understand it or developers being exposed to pattern matching for the 
first time use it optimally. The contents of the book are pretty much 
outlined by the introductory Erlang courses Jan-Henry and I have been 
giving in the last decade, and based on the knowledge and experience 
gained when teaching. We know which students struggle where, and try to 
address it in the book. We plan to cover less than Joe, but more in 
depth. In these lines, we are very interested in hearing what others 
feel we should include in such a book.

We have lots of ideas on OTP, but that in itself is a completely 
different beast we hope to tackle as soon as this book is out. So hope 
you have a bit of patience and bear with us....


PS. The correct title is "Practical Erlang Programming"

Vat Raghavan wrote:
> that is great news and i'm really excited to hear it!
> I hope it covers gen_server, gen_fsm, et.al. in good detail, that's the big thing that's missing from joe's book, and i don't understand.
> --vat
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> It's nice to get worf from the horses mouth.  I've been
> blogging about another new Erlang book (from O'Reilly
> this time), and one of the authors (Francesco Cesarini)
> dropped by to add his confirmation to O'Reilly's.
>   ... It is a fact. "Practical Erlang Programming" will
>   be published by O'Reilly. ...
> Yay!  I'll blog more as I have more info
> http://on-erlang.blogspot.com/2008/02/not-just-rumour.html

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