[erlang-questions] long term stability of zlib/crypto

Joe Armstrong erlang@REDACTED
Wed Feb 20 14:38:40 CET 2008


I'm thinking on making an S3 thingy to complement my home backup system.

I was thinking of a) compressing the data (to reduce my S3 bills)
b) encrypting the data (privacy) -

Now the problem - I need stable zip/unzip crypt/decrypt
pairs. I don't want to backup the data only to find that
it is unreadable by my great-great-great-great-.....-great grandaughter
in a million years time (or even by me in five years time)

"pure erlang" would be OK (but inefficient) - but I'm probably in the market
for a small and simple pure-c library with encryption and compression.

Any recommendations for such a C library (actually pure Erlang might
not be so bad,
The compress/encrypt cycle is very rare) - has anybody thought about
how to ensure that crypto/comprerssion libraries are long-term stable.

The recent mails in this group saying that  the zlib compression
failed the round trip


sent some alarm bells ringing ...


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