[erlang-questions] Strings as Lists

Ignatios Souvatzis ignatios@REDACTED
Tue Feb 19 12:30:51 CET 2008


On Wed, Feb 13, 2008 at 10:07:52PM -0800, Zvi wrote:
> I think you confusing datatype with it's implementation/representation.
> My biggest problem with Erlang standard string representation is that in
> 64bit mode, each character taking 16 bytes.

>From the "use the right datatype for the job" corner:

I was afraid of the 8 bytes / character problem when I started my pet 
project. However, I keep the data inside mnesia, and I observed that
mnesia seems to store strings in a compressed form, so I never bothered
to add explicit to-binary conversion (... myself?)


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