[erlang-questions] program: 3GPP Charging Gateway Function - open-cgf

Bruce Fitzsimons Bruce@REDACTED
Mon Feb 18 10:28:19 CET 2008

Hello list,

I have written a GSM/UMTS Charging Gateway Function server in Erlang, 
and it is mostly tested and running nicely. This server allows GGSNs, 
SGSNs, and other things that stream their CDRs over GTP' (gtp prime) to 
have somewhere to write them to disk. There doesn't appear to be a 
similar opensource offering anywhere, although I'll admit it is quite a 
small niche.

It is hosted at: http://open-cgf.googlecode.com or 
http://code.google.com/p/open-cgf/  (all roads lead to Rome)

Comments welcome, if you find bugs please use the googlecode issue 
tracker. The supervisor is currently set not to restart any of the 
children, so it will crash hard on any errors.


PS I'm never ever going to name an Erlang project using a hyphen ever again

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