[erlang-questions] dynamically add mnesia fragmented table node & composite key as index

Ulf Wiger ulf@REDACTED
Sat Feb 16 13:38:33 CET 2008

2008/2/16, db <masterofquestions@REDACTED>:
> Question 1:
> I start an application that initializes several fragmented mnesia
> nodes.  I have hard coded this into config file.  On later stage, if I
> wanted to add another fragmented mnesia node, what is the solution?
> Do I stop my application and then add a node in the config file?  What
> approach I have to take, if I want to add node dynamically?

This is described in the Mnesia User Guide, together with examples.

> Question 2:
> Can mnesia table index be made up of multiple attributes, as in
> composite key?

No. Rdbms is able to do this. It's stable enough that you could
play with it. If you'd want to bet your business on it, some
significant work would be required (mainly in testing, but perhaps
also some tricky re-coding, certainly porting to R12B, and long-term
migration of some aspects in to mnesia, perhaps.)

Ulf W

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