[erlang-questions] Documentation build process: creating DocBook XML?

Matthias Lang matthias@REDACTED
Fri Feb 15 13:41:30 CET 2008

Dmitrii 'Mamut' Dimandt writes:

 > The number one advantage is ease of use and search engine optimization: 
 > http://www.p16blog.com/p16/2008/02/erlang-document.html

One problem with the Erlang documentation which was fixed recently (R12)
was that the path to each manpage changed often, i.e. in one release
it was


and in another it was


which is a pretty good way to stop anyone sane from linking to the
documentation. That probably also did wonders for ranking, and it'll
take while for the effect to wear off.

 > It would be oh so nice to be able to just type in, say, 
 > http://erlang.org/doc/io:format or http://erlang.org/doc/io/format or 
 > http://erlang.org/doc/format and get the function 

I have a shell script which does this:

  ~ >eman io fwr
  showing file:///usr/local/src/otp_doc_R11B-4/lib/stdlib-1.14.4/doc/html/io.html#fwrite/1

(it pops up the page in the currently running browser). As far as I
know, I'm the only user. The web version doesn't get much traffic


Looking at the "user comments" on the PHP site pretty much put me off
any ideas about having "user comments". What a collection of flotsam
and jetsam!


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