[erlang-questions] Strings as Lists

tsuraan tsuraan@REDACTED
Wed Feb 13 20:18:10 CET 2008

Still there is a need for standard string datatype, which will be good for
90% of uses and it should be accepted by all standard libs.
I reperesent strings as binaries, and my code become much more verbose
(almost unreadable), i.e using:
* <<"ABC">>, instead of "ABC"
> You can do it only because ISO-8859-1 is enough for you. Your code will be
> crap for me, because I would not use it! One char not equal to one byte,
> remeber it! List is best solution for all non english world, because one
> list element equals to one char. If you want make onelingual programs,
> continue in your practise. God save you.

So in erlang, if you type a string literal that is (e.g
.) japanese, does it create a list of the utf-32 codepoints of the
string you wrote?  I'd try it, but I don't trust my computer's i18n
support enough to trust the results of any test I could do.
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