[erlang-questions] UTF8

Dustin Whitney dustin.whitney@REDACTED
Tue Feb 12 05:53:55 CET 2008


    I am performing some XPath against a UTF8 encoded XML document that has
some characters outside of the ASCII range.  How do I serialize them to a
file in human readable format?  For example one of the words is "Ōta, Gunma"
which corresponds to [332,116,97,44,32,71,117,110,109,97].  How can I write
[332,116,97,44,32,71,117,110,109,97] to a file so that when I open it up it
looks like "Ōta, Gunma"?  Ultimately I want to know this because I need to
make REST calls with these words, and lists of integers aren't cutting it.

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