[erlang-questions] MG->MGC->C Node

Hakan Mattsson hakan@REDACTED
Mon Feb 11 10:54:35 CET 2008

On Mon, 11 Feb 2008, J Bhanot wrote:

JB> I have been able to create client server comm between C node and Erlang 
JB> node...
JB> Now i want to send the simple Service Change request which i get from 
JB> sample MG (megaco_simple_mg.erl) in sample MGC (megaco_simple_mgc)....
JB> now when i recieve the message in MGC...i want to send the same message to 
JB> C node for parsing....
JB> now the question is at what point i should write the code in sample MGC to 
JB> send the message..

Take a look at the architecture for the Megaco Session
application. It provides a complete foreign language
interface for the Erlang Megaco/H.248 protocol stack.
The implementation is however rather old (based on R7B
and requiring an old version of the Megaco/H.248 protocol).
The Megaco Session application is not maintained, but
it should not be too much work for you to get it working
again. But a first step is to get a grasp of the architectural
ideas from the code and the (brief) documentation.

Megaco Session can be downloaded from

Good luck!


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