[erlang-questions] A good application written in Erlang

jm jeffm@REDACTED
Sat Feb 9 00:33:09 CET 2008

Jilani Khaldi wrote:
> Hi All,
> for a long term project, should a vBulletin (http://www.vbulletin.com/) 
> application like written using Erlang/Mnesia/YAWS be a good project?
> And what about an e-learning system written using Erlang/Mnesia/YAWS?
> Thank you.

May I suggest elryweb ( http://erlyweb.org/ and see the developer's blog 
http://yarivsblog.com/ ) a MVC web frame work. The framework is more 
than usable to do real work, but would benefit from more developer's 
workinng on it and more development being done with it.

In a light hearted attempt to hi-jack the LAMP term I've referred to 
this as the LYME stack: Linux, Yaws, Mysql, Erlang/Erlyweb - a new 
flavour of web development.


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