[erlang-questions] send c structure from c node to erlang using IDL and IC

prasantha kumara jlprasantha@REDACTED
Wed Dec 31 14:23:18 CET 2008

Hi all!.
I am currently working on erlang with IC.I am trying to send a c structure
to the erlang node using IC.

 i have im[plemented a c server.

i have written the following erlang code to access to the c server


produce() ->
    io:format("this outputs from produce : ~w ~w~n", [hello, world]).

init(Seed1, Seed2, Seed3) ->

first i ran the client:init(1,2,3).
it s properly working
but  when i tryid to run the client:produce(). in erlang shell it gives the
following error.
=ERROR REPORT==== 31-Dec-2008::18:41:09 ===
Error in process <0.49.0> on node 'client@REDACTED' with exit value:

** exception exit: {{nodedown,babbis@REDACTED},
     in function  gen_server:call/3

i tryied to start a erl node using as follow
erl -sname client -setcookie flash
but it cannot be done .becouse my server node is run as babbis

therefore that node is active
can any body tell me why this error occured?

thank you
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