[erlang-questions] openssl s_client hangs when accessing https service in inets application

Liu Yubao yubao.liu@REDACTED
Wed Dec 31 04:01:22 CET 2008


The https services in inets application doesn't work, I guess
I got something wrong. Below is the steps to recur:

   a. use gen-cert.sh to generate server.pem; 
      (All scripts and configuration are provided at

   b. execute runerl.sh and input these clauses in the erlang shell:

   c. execute `openssl s_client -connect localhost:8443 -debug -msg`,
      you can see openssl hangs after sending a CLIENT-HELLO message,
      the TCP connection is established successfully but https server
      doesn't response to the CLIENT-HELLO message.

I tested "ssl:listen" in erlang shell and succeed to communication between
openssl and erlang shell:

     {ok, S} = ssl:listen(8443, [{certfile, "server.pem"}, {active, false}]).
     {ok, S2} = ssl:accept(S).
         # execute in another bash: openssl s_client -connect localhost:8443
     ssl:send(S2, <<"hello world\n">>).
         # "openssl s_client" can receive this greeting.

I tested against the latest erlang 5.6.5 under Windows XP and 5.6.3 under
Debian Lenny.

I'm looking forward your help!

Best regards,

Liu Yubao

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