[erlang-questions] Problem with XML validation using xmerl_xsd:validate().

Andrey Sedinin sedinin@REDACTED
Tue Dec 30 13:32:35 CET 2008


Of course i have tested this case:


It does not work too (or it work with the same result :).

But in XML it is equivalent:

<status></status> =:= <status/>

But any way -- thank you for your guessing.


On 29 дек, 15:56, Lian Cheng <rhythm.m...@REDACTED> wrote:
> Hi,
> Your schema suggests that the "status" element should have a text value
> among "Valid", "Invalid" and "", while in your XML snippet, the "status"
> element has no text value, rather than have a text value of an empty
> string. I think that the difference between <status></status> and
> <status/> just like, in the C language, the difference between:
>      char* p = NULL;
> and
>      char* p = "";
> In a word, <status></status> is not equivalent to <status/> in your
> situation, although I'm not quite sure about my opinion :-)
> Cheers
> Cheng

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