[erlang-questions] max and min functions

James Hague james.hague@REDACTED
Tue Dec 23 18:01:41 CET 2008

I've written helper functions to determine the max and min of two
values at least a dozen times now, so I'd like to propose they be
added to the standard libraries.  lists:max/1 and list:min/1 give the
largest and smallest value in a list, but I'm talking about something

max(1,10) ==> 10
min(1, 10) ==> 1

Along the same lines, I've also found myself writing "cap" (which caps
a value to be within two limits):

cap(5, 1, 10) ==> 5
cap(0, 1, 10) ==> 1
cap(20, 1, 10) ==> 10

cap(N, Low, High) is the same as min(max(N, Low), High).  "limit" may
make more sense.

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