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atul goyal atulindore2@REDACTED
Mon Dec 22 13:54:46 CET 2008

hi ppl
As Dave asked...

How may schedulers are running???

It seems as if there was only one scheduler earlier. after enabling the  smp
support  there was an [smp:2] notification in the startup .
After testing; the system's thruput was ,like almost the same as before. I
tried with various number in SMP options. however it crashed the VM each
Maybe i shud use thread 'safe' functions as described in the erl_ddll man
page. Also I have used port level locking in the 'C' driver. will it be wise
to use [asynch-threads].????

A good example of writing linked-in drivers with multiple opened ports is in
the crypto library.

yes sure... i went thru it ..in fact i saw it refferred in earlier posts..
well for a newbei such examples are quite helpful and informative...thnax
for that

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