[erlang-questions] What websites/webapps use Erlang?

Roger Larsson roger.larsson@REDACTED
Sat Dec 20 01:11:13 CET 2008

I remember reading that Amazon uses Erlang for some Web services.
Using Google I found several references - like this one.



On Wednesday 17 December 2008, Daniel Cer wrote:
> I'm building a wiki that documents what languages, frameworks, and
> libraries are being used by various websites & webapps. One of the big
> goals of the project is to highlight the diverse set of languages and
> other components that people use to power their sites.
> Right now, I'm in the process of searching out and adding Erlang
> webapps. So far, I've found about half a dozen apps (since it might be
> of interest to some people here, the Erlang sites I've found are
> posted at the bottom of this e-mail).
> Does anyone here have an Erlang powered website or webapp? If you do,
> would you mind sharing the URL and what other support components
> you're using (e.g, ErlyWeb, Erlang-Web, MochiWeb, Mnesia, etc.)?
> Thanks, Dan
> The current list of Erlang powered sites:
> Beer Riot - Community beer review and enthusiast site.
> http://beerriot.com/
> Vimagi - Social/collaborative painting site
> http://vimagi.com/
> Twoorl - A twitter like micro-blogging service
> http://twoorl.com/
> MochiBot – Flash tracking and monitoring service
> http://www.mochibot.com/
> Mochiads – Flash game advertising and distribution service
> http://www.mochiads.com/
> DayFindr - Collaborative scheduling webapp
> http://www.dayfindr.com/
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