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atul goyal atulindore2@REDACTED
Fri Dec 19 14:23:12 CET 2008

hi...i got the results... it seems that instantiating the driver multiple
times and concurrently sending the messages is not improving the speed at
all. I think that since im using no async threads on OS level ,my
performance wont increase. And it wud be the same weather i use seuqential
or concurrent techniques as long as the erts is running on a single OS

On Fri, Dec 19, 2008 at 10:24 AM, atul goyal <atulindore2@REDACTED> wrote:

> well quite true... and erlang does a nice job when it comes to concurrency.
> Now when i have made the changes let me test out the actual thruput of the
> entire system...i will mail the results soon.
> thankeeeee
> atul
> pyro
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