[erlang-questions] sqlrelay, was Re: Interfacing Erlang to Oracle

Alex alustenberg@REDACTED
Fri Dec 19 02:16:16 CET 2008

if one is to go through all the trouble of interfacing, might as well
do it correctly, and skip the mysql and postgresql drop in libs, and
code against their API directly.

One could use the argument that odbc is the standard and should be
adhered to... still doesnt make it less of a pain to work with.

Sqlrelay is a nice middleware to hook into, provides good value out of
the box, supports most databases users would be interested in, and its
problem domain is a good match against Erlang's.   The pdf located
over at http://www.snookles.com/erlang/edtk/ that was recently
mentioned on list, has a lot of good insight, and  explain pitfalls
that are likely to be encountered in an undertaking of creating a
sqlrelay driver. I found the section on addressing transactions via
multiple thread pools very insightful.

Anyway, If someone wants to start up a project on this, I can
contribute some time.

2008/12/17 Joseph Stewart <joseph.stewart@REDACTED>:
> I'll broach the topic again...
> The project "sql relay" might be decent middleware to target.
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