[erlang-questions] curious

Nicolas Charpentier nc@REDACTED
Thu Dec 18 14:12:53 CET 2008

atul goyal wrote:
> hi ppl
> ive been learning erlang for some time now. I was wondering how to 
> access oracle from erlang using the OCI library. I found that it 
> requires drivers. So i made port drivers in 'c'. With my driver i was 
> able to get some definite speed of transactions.  Is it really possible 
> to increase the speed of transactions if multiple instances of this port 
> driver are used. As far as i understand open_port will instantiate the 
> driver. and shud i use multi threading inside the C driver itself?
> thanks a lottttttt

you can call open_port several times and get several 'driver instances'.
open_port returns the pid of the driver and you only have to send 
messages to that pid to use port.

Nicolas Charpentier

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