[erlang-questions] Interfacing Erlang to Oracle

Andrew Stone stondage123@REDACTED
Wed Dec 17 23:44:34 CET 2008

Same here. I had very weird issues. Sadly, I ended up using C++ code as a port.


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>> Can anyone shed any light on best practice for interfacing Erlang to
>> an Oracle DBMS?
> ODBC works for me.

I tried to get Erlang + Linux + ODBC + Oracle to work about six months
ago, but it acted extremely flaky and I eventually gave up.

It seemed like there was only one possible error message I could get:
{error,"No SQL-driver information available."}

I'd get that if any of a hundred different things in my conf was not
perfect, or even if I was connected but had a syntax error in an SQL
statement, or sometimes it would just show up randomly. For example
would I sometimes get that error as the result of an insert, even when
the insert was actually successful.
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