[erlang-questions] What websites/webapps use Erlang?

Daniel Cer daniel.cer@REDACTED
Wed Dec 17 01:07:49 CET 2008

I'm building a wiki that documents what languages, frameworks, and
libraries are being used by various websites & webapps. One of the big
goals of the project is to highlight the diverse set of languages and
other components that people use to power their sites.

Right now, I'm in the process of searching out and adding Erlang
webapps. So far, I've found about half a dozen apps (since it might be
of interest to some people here, the Erlang sites I've found are
posted at the bottom of this e-mail).

Does anyone here have an Erlang powered website or webapp? If you do,
would you mind sharing the URL and what other support components
you're using (e.g, ErlyWeb, Erlang-Web, MochiWeb, Mnesia, etc.)?

Thanks, Dan

The current list of Erlang powered sites:

Beer Riot - Community beer review and enthusiast site.

Vimagi - Social/collaborative painting site

Twoorl - A twitter like micro-blogging service

MochiBot – Flash tracking and monitoring service

Mochiads – Flash game advertising and distribution service

DayFindr - Collaborative scheduling webapp

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