[erlang-questions] lfe shell via lfe_boot

Raoul Duke raould@REDACTED
Tue Dec 16 22:29:15 CET 2008

> LFE is progressing and I intend to work more on it soon. It depends on what
> input I get. Let me know how it goes and if you find any bugs,

i find it exciting! so far the main stumbling blocks for this newbie
might perhaps be summarized as:

1) the install is too error prone for me i think, presumably since i
don't know enough about erlang. if there were some way to make the
install more fool proof, that could be good. e.g. directions about
where exactly to install it relative to erl, and what, if anything, to
modify to make it all go. if you were able to make it go on linux,
winxp + mac, and have transcripts thereof on some wiki so people could
annotate/correct/amend, that would perhaps help a bit.

2) i think the lfe documentation could stand to: (a) more explicitly
say/show erl -> lfe mappings. (b) more clearly differentiate the
nuances e.g. all the different kinds of macros w/in lfe.

again, i'm personally at least very interested in lfe, thank you for
all your work on it!

to everybody else: what is preventing YOU from using lfe? would you be
willing to start talking about using it? would you be willing to
contribute to a wiki about it? etc. i think there needs to be some
actual critical mass to make it really go somewhere -- it seems to me
like i'm the only person on earth trying to use it, judging from
google search results!?


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