[erlang-questions] NYC Erlounge - Thursday the 11th at the Golden Unicorn

Thomas Lindgren thomasl_erlang@REDACTED
Fri Dec 12 20:34:04 CET 2008

--- On Fri, 12/12/08, Rick R <rick.richardson@REDACTED> wrote:

> Well... Apparently our reservation was double booked with a
> party for the
> Office of the Mayor.
> When I got there, they had no idea that I was expected, I
> finally found the
> guy that made the reservation and he said that our table
> would be ready in
> 10 minutes. He said this every 5 minutes for about 30
> minutes. Also, the
> office of the mayor didn't want us loitering in their
> space while we waited
> so we were forced to camp out in the stairwell. At about
> 8pm, we decided to
> leave. Took a cab to Marks St. and found a sushi joint,
> where we had a
> pleasant conversation over sushi and beer until about
> 10:15.
> Most of the conversation revolved around some alternatives
> to mnesia for the
> Amie Street guys, and Mihai's mysterious employer, and
> beer. In general the
> evening was nice, though not a successful Erlounge.

Compared to the first Erlounge, where by chance basically everybody who turned up had just been terminated at Ericsson or elsewhere -- this happened at a particularly exciting moment of the tech crash -- it actually sounds fairly mellow :-)



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